AGM Minutes 2017

Sep. 24, 2018

Edmonton Seniors Slo-Pitch Association

Minutes-September 13, 2017 AGM


Attendees Count:58    full members, 1associate member, 1 guest


Board members present: John Cabaj, Bill Donlevy, Ben Gona, Brenda Montgomery, Rick Patry,

Bruce Romaniuk, Karen Stucke, Ron Stefure, Randy Zingle, Kevin Wiese, Barry Wilhelm

Board members absent: Don Hussey, Bob Young

  1. Call to order7:03pm
  2. Moment of silence was held for the following list of amended deceased members

Tofen Dublanko, Fernand Comartin, Fred Allen, Don Pierson, Jim Zingle, Elton Dunk


  1. Amendments to the agenda- Motion: To approve agenda as amended to add 6.o. City Lease Agreement - Terry Ward, 7.e. Hirsch - women 45+, 7.f. Volunteer Rebate……. By Brenda Montgomery 2nd, Don Comartin. PASSED
  2. Approval of Minutes from 2016 AGM- Motion: To approve minutes of October 25, 2016. By Brenda Montgomery, 2nd, Ben Gona. PASSED
  3. Reports
    1. President Bill Donlevy
    2. Vice-President Ben Gona
    3. Treasurer Internal review  Don Comartin

Financial report Karen Stucke

Motion: To adopt the treasurer’s report as presented. By: Karen Stucke, 2nd   Ron Barrett PASSED

Motion: To accept Don Switzer & Don Comartin who volunteered to review financial statements for 2018. By: Brenda Montgomery 2nd    Don Reaume. PASSED.

  1. Registrar Kevin Wiese
  2. Social Barry Wilhelm
  3. Tournament/ASSPA Bruce Romaniuk
  4. Division Coordinators

Brawner - Orlie Pederson                   Hansen - Darlene Pruden

Hirsch-Bert Carruthers                       Cuthbertson -Dan Leclair

  1. Maintenance Rick Patry
  2. Equipment Randy Zingle
  3. Promotions Ron Stefure
  4. Special Projects Dennis Stucke (for Don Hussey)
  1. Recognition


  1. Ulmer House Manager - Ray McEachern
  2. Rentals - Ray McEachern
  3. Concessions? - Karen Stucke
  4. Bingo Coordinator - Ernie Jackson
  5. Diamond Bookings (City) - Dave Raessler
  6. Web Page Manager - Bob Young
  7. Scheduler - Bob Young
  8. Game Score Entry - division Sonia Braun, Bev Munroe, KevinWiese, Dave Patterson
  9. Batting Cage Manager - Stanley Graham
  10. Health & Wellness - Ernie Jackson
  11. Ulmer House locks - Karen Stucke
  12. Day League - Bill Donlevy
  13. Casino Coordinator - even years only
  14. Volunteer Coordinator -Elsie Potskin
  15. Zone 6 coordinator - Bill Yakymyshyn
  16. Diamond Caretaker - Kenny Sumner
  17. City Lease Agreement - Terry Ward


Paid staff

  1. Building Caretaker - Barb Clifford
  2. Diamond maintenance - Richard Osadchuk, Ray McEachren


  1. New Business
  2. Volunteer coordination - request ideas for ways to recruit
    1. Phone calling and posters have not been working well.
    2. Teams be responsible to track who has volunteered and push those who have not to volunteer when we need volunteers
  3. Concession - request ideas for ways to provide revenue. Not viable weeknights. Tournament concessions make money. Perhaps rent or tender out for use of facilities for tournaments
  4. Batting Helmets - recommend using; otherwise, responsible for your own injuries
  5. Appointment
    1. Zone 6 coordinator - Bill Yakymyshyn discussed requirements of position. ESSPA has supported Zone 6 (Edmonton residents). NO volunteers.
    2. Casino coordinator - Backup for Don Holtom if he is on vacation (date not known at this time, but likely spring 2018). Could be Jerry Haynes. NO volunteers
  6. Motion: To open the league to women 45+ By Don Comartin 2nd Darrel Bignell. The board will handle by special meeting (possibly by email & mail out with voting in response) as this may require a change to our bylaws which requires 21 days written notice to members
  7. Volunteer Refund -Providing opportunities to obtain rebate at wind-up, AGM and adding 4 nights at diamonds this year does not seem enough for the $50 volunteer fee. Proposal included: mailout of rebates, spouses can collect for each other. Bring forward to the board to review for improvements.


  1. General Questions from the floor

Ray McEachern:  Comment: Recommended members support daylight savings to allow enough light for two games in the evening.


  1. Election of board members- 2 year positions unless otherwise noted

Don Comartin & Ron Barrett volunteered to be Scrutineers.


There were no nominations from the floor that were accepted.

Motions to cease nominations were received & seconded or called 1,2,3 (see below)


The following nominations were accepted and were elected by acclamation

  1. President: Bill Donlevy
  2. Vice President OPEN                                    
  3. Registrar (1year):             Brenda Marshall
  4. Social:                                     OPEN
  5. Director- Equipment:                         Randy Zingle
  6. Director-Maintenance: Rick Patry
  7. Director - Promotions (1year): Bert Carruthers
  8. Director - Special Projects: Don Hussey
  9. Director at large: Bob Young


Motions to cease nominations seconded and PASSED as follows:


Motion by:

Second by:

Director at Large

Called 1,2,3


Special projects

Bruce Munro

Brenda Montgomery


Brenda Montgomery

Bruce Munro


Jack Gamble

Bruce Munro


Bruce Munro

Ron Barrett


Janice McNamara



Janice McNamara


Vice President

No nominations, called 1,2,3



Bruce Munro

Janice McNamara


  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at approximately 9:49 pm, by John Cabaj.



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