Brawner Rules

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5.4 Brawner Division (Follows SPN except for following)


5.4.1 If a player requires a courtesy runner for health reasons, another team player can be used.


5.4.2 Each courtesy runner can only run for one other person during the game. More than one courtesy runner can run for the same person provided he/she has not run for anyone else.


5.4.3 A courtesy runner may be used to run to first (from a line that is 2 meters behind the extension of third base line), or to replace a batter that has reached a base. The courtesy runner will be called out if he/she completely crosses the line before the pitched ball reaches the front “plane” of home plate, hits the ground in front of the plate or is hit by the batter.


5.4.4 If a batter (male or female) is walked with 4 balls and no strikes, the batter goes to second base. The next batter must bat.


5.4.5 An illegal runner is called out as soon as he/she takes the base of the person he/she is running for, if the defensive team appeals before the offensive team corrects the mistake.


5.4.6 The pitching screen will be an “optional” device that may be used by the pitcher. If the batted ball hits the screen and remains in fair territory it will be considered “live”. If after it hits the screen and goes foul anywhere it will be just a dead ball and a no-pitch call.


5.4.7 An on-base courtesy runner may be replaced by another courtesy runner and if on-base courtesy runner is on deck, that is the point in time when they must come out and be replaced. The effect is that the batter is out if serving as a courtesy runner and is still on base when it’s his/her turn to bat.


5.4.8 If a batter, using a courtesy runner from home, runs toward 1st base and completely crosses the “oops” line he/she will be called out. The “oops” line will be marked 20 feet from home along the 1st base line.


5.4.9 The batting team must have their next official batter in the “on deck circle” when the current batter enters the batting area. That does not mean to have any person (decoy) stand in the on-deck area. Non-compliance will cause an automatic strike to be called against the on-deck batter. The strike shall carry over to the next inning


5.4.10 Sliding will be allowed at, 2nd and 3rd base but not home plate


5.4.11 "Spares" can be used for the Regular Season (and Preseason) but not for the Playoffs. Spares must be approved by opposing team.


5.4.12 An “open inning” can only be the 7th inning.


5.4.13 Home team is to supply one new and one good used ball to be used for the game.



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