Hanson Rules

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Hansen Division

2018 Rules

 Regular Season

 The 2018 season (including playoffs) will run from May 7 to August 31 (inclusive).

  • When fielding, a team is allowed to place 10 defenders in the
  • All healthy team members are to be placed in the batting
  • Team members who show up after a game has started are to be placed at the bottom of the batting
  • A team member injured during a game is to be removed from the batting order (no automatic Out).
  • Fielding playing time will be reasonably balanced throughout the regular season and playoffs.
  • Teams are allowed to play with 8 players.
  • Spares, to a maximum of 3 players, may be recruited from either the Brawner Division or the Hansen Division to ensure a team has a roster of 10 Spares will be placed at the bottom of the batting order. Note: Individuals who have registered only for the ESSPA Day League are not permitted to play as Spares but are allowed to play for a team as a Guest Player.
  • Guest players are allowed to play for a team even if that team already has enough players to set their 10 player roster provided players on that team vote in f Guest players are only allowed to play 2 games in the Division per season. A Guest player is to be placed at the bottom of the batting order behind the regular team members and, where applicable, any spares that have been recruited.
  • A courtesy runner can be used anytime during the game for a batter once that batter reaches a base. The courtesy runner must replace that batter immediately (before any further play) after the batter reaches a base. A courtesy runner will not be allowed from home plate unless agreed upon by both team coaches prior to the game starting.  Each team player is only allowed to be a courtesy runner twice per game
  • Sliding is not permitted at 1st base or home plate.
  • A team is only allowed to score a maximum of 5 runs per inning except for the final inning which is considered an open
  • Hansen Division has elected to set a maximum of over the fence Home Run differential per team per game. If a team is up by 2 over the fence home runs, the next home run is considered a “single” Any players on base at the time of the hit may only advance 1 base from where they were at the time of hit, but only if forced.
  • There will be no lead off by base runners. A base runner can only come off the base after the bat makes contact with the ball. A base runner who comes off the base prior to this contact is automatically Out.
  • For early games, no new inning can start after 7:30 p.m. unless agreed upon by the two coaches from the late game.
  • Teams will supply their own umpires during the regular season.
  • No mercy rule during the regular season unless both Coaches agree.
  • The Hansen Division Coordinator will assign and track the dates for rained out games. This assignment will be based on a rain out date order approach; i.e. the two teams playing the first game that is rained out will be the first two teams assigned to play the next available date on the rain out schedule, etc.
  • When a male batter is walked with no called strikes, regardless of whether it is intentional or not, and a female batter is due up as the next batter, the male batter will advance to second base and the female batter will bat. Other runners already on base will advance as follows:


Runner on 1st Base: Walked male batter advances to 2nd Base and runner on 1st Base advances to 3rd Base

Runner on 2nd Base: Walked male batter advances to 2nd Base and runner on 2nd Base advances to 3rd Base

Runners on 2nd and 3rd Base: Walked male batter advances to 2nd Base, 2nd Base runner advances to 3rd Base and 3rd Base runner advances to Home

Runners on 1st and 3rd Base: Walked male batter advances to 2nd Base, 1st Base runner advances to 3rd Base, and 3rd Base runner advances to Home

Bases Loaded: Walked male batter advances to 2nd Base, 1st Base runner advances to 3rd Base, 2nd Base Runner advances to Home, and 3rd Base runner advances to Home



  1. No Guest players are allowed.
  2. No spares are allowed.
  3. Umpires will be recruited from the Hansen Division.
  4. A double knockout playoff structure will be followed. Details will be distributed at playoff time.

All other Playoff rules are the same as the Regular Season rules.

Whenever Hansen Division Rules conflict with ESSPA Rules … Hansen Division Rules shall prevail. 


Pre-Season Hansen Meeting

 The previous year’s Hansen Coordinator, the previous season’s Selectors and

all interested new Selectors will meet at least two weeks prior to the start of the season.

 To finalize the Hansen Selectors for the upcoming

  • To elect the Hansen Division Coordinator for the upcoming season.
  • To decide on the number of teams for the season, Note: For scheduling purposes, every attempt will be made to have an even number of
  • To set the draft order for the Selectors; Note: Numbers will be picked “out of a hat” to determine the draft order. The draft order will follow the first to last and last to first approach.
  • To decide on a date when and a place where the draft will be
  • To establish the Regular Season schedule including determining the number of non-recorded games to be played prior to games counting for points in the season standings and playoff
  • To discuss other business as required. 


Rating New Applicants To Hansen Division

  • Selectors should attend Evaluation Camps (dates to be determined) to assess new players to the league.
  • Knowledgeable members from Hirsch will be asked to rate prior Hirsch
  • Knowledgeable members from Brawner will be asked to rate prior Brawner players requesting to play in
  • Selectors will work together to properly rate all players based upon ball knowledge, foot speed, arm strength, batting power,
  • A copy of all ratings lists will be submitted to the Hansen Division Coordinator,


Miscellaneous Meetings

The Hansen Coordinator will call meetings as required throughout the season to discuss Division related business or issues that arise. For items that require team voting, each team gets one vote. The Coordinator only votes to break a tie.

 A meeting will also be held at the end of the season to prepare recommendations for the Board of Directors to consider for the following season.  




  1. Before the start of each season, the Hansen Coordinator will call a meeting of the previous seasons Selectors and any individuals who have expressed interest in being a Selector.


  1. The previous year’s Selectors whose teams finished in the last 2positions in the previous season will have their Selector eligibility “On the Line”. This means that their positions will be considered open for new Selector applicants who can apply for these two All applicants including the “On the Line” Selectors are encouraged to convince the Hansen Draft Committee that they are the best applicants.


  1. If any of the previous year’s Selectors decide notto return as a Selector, their position will become open in lieu of the 2nd last place Selector from the previous


  1. A vote will then take place to determine the Selectors for the upcoming season. The eligible voters will be the previous year’s Selectors whose teams did not finish in the last 2positions in the standings for the previous season. In the event of a tie, the Hansen Coordinator will have the tie breaking vote. The potential new Selectors and the “On the Line” Selectors do not get a vote.


  1. The successful Selectors will also be referred to as the team General Manager or


  1. Once the draft is completed, the GM will select a Coach within a reasonable amount of time.


  1. The GM will remain in charge of all aspects of the team from the draft to the end of the playoffs.


  1. The GM or a representative appointed by the GM will attend all Hansen Division meetings during the season.


  1. The Rules Committee during the season will consist of the GM or a representative appointed by the GM. In the case of voting related to rules, each team (GM or appointed representative) gets 1


  1. Each team will draft a minimum of 13 players (no maximum).


  1. Selectors will be rated and placed in the appropriate round of the draft.


  1. There will be a minimum of 3 female players (no maximum) drafted by each team.


  1. For couples who have indicated at registration that they want to play together, when one of the couple is selected, the other of the couple is to be allocated to a draft round agreeable to the rest of the Selectors.


  1. A Selector may bring an assistant (e.g. a knowledgeable resource) to assist the particular Selector with the selection of players in the draft.


Post Draft Player Assignment

 New players (i.e. new registrants or players from other Divisions) which express interest in playing in the Hansen Division after the draft has been completed will be assigned by the Hansen Division Coordinator to a Hansen Division team based on several factors including caliber of new player, teams in need of players due to injuries, new player was recruited by a specific team, etc. etc. with an eye to maintaining equality among all Hansen Division teams.


Dispute/Disciplinary Resolution

 Players should first bring any complaint to their GM. If the complaint cannot be resolved by the GM it should be escalated to the Hansen Division Coordinator. If the matter is not resolved by the Hansen Division Coordinator or if the GM does not agree with the Hansen Division Coordinator’s decision, the matter will then be escalated to the ESSPA Disciplinary Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding.


Posting Date - March 24, 2018



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